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UCOL has a small number of clubs and a friendly relationship with MUSA to join Massey University clubs.

UCOL Weightlifting Club

UCOL's Weightlifting Club is an affiliated club of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand (OWNZ). It teaches students the proper techniques and exercise progressions to learn Olympic Lifts. The club is for Bachelor of Applied Science students, and is led by Senior Lecturer - Exercise & Wellness Hayden Pritchard. It meets twice weekly.

Instagram: @UCOLWeightlifting
Facebook: UCOLWeightlifting


UCOL's GLITTFAB Club supports Gay, Lesbian, Intersex, Transgender, Takatāpui, Fa’afafine, Asexual and Bisexual students and staff across our campuses. We provide a private Facebook group and on campus spaces for all staff and students seeking support, information and kinship.